Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

2. Hallstatt, Austria


Situated between scenic Lake Hallstatt and towering Dachstein mountains Hallstatt is a spectacular Alpine village that worth visiting. This unbelievably beautiful lakeside village is one of the most photographed locations in Austria. Apart from the beautiful settlement this village has great historical significance. Hallstatt has one of oldest salt mines in the world.

The salt deposits in the village have found as early as the 2nd century B.C. The museum in the Hallstatt village is also home to 7000 years old artifacts. Considering the historical importance and architectural beauty UNESCO has been recognized the Alpine region of Hallstatt-Dachstein as a world heritage site in 1997.

You can feel a very calm atmosphere as you walk around the Hallstatt. This village is free from noise of vehicles. The streets in the village are narrow and clean. Almost all houses in Hallstatt made of wood and look amazing. The village has many interesting sights to offer. Boat riding in Lake Hallstatte is a main tourist activity in the village. The view of Hallstatt from the lake is also an amazing sight.