Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

5. Giethoorn, Netherlands


Giethoorn is a pretty, peaceful village located in Overijssel province of the Netherlands. It is a car free village. Instead of roads you can find beautiful canals in this village. Just like in Venice the lands of Giethoorn are linked together by around 150 bridges. As this village has so much similarities with Venice it has been nicknamed as The Venice of Netherlands.

The Giethoorn village is so peaceful and greenish. Unlike the crowded cities you can enjoy a profound silence in this village. It is completely free from noisy cars.

You can get around this beautiful village by foot, bicycle or a canoe. Giethoorn has 98 km long canoe trails. The electric boats available for hire in this village are also free from noise. It is environmental friendly and nicknamed as ‘whisper boasts’.

Giethoorn is also one of the greenest places in the Netherlands. It is surrounded by vast De Weerribben-Wieden National park and home to many trees. So the atmosphere in the Giethoorn village is also very clean like its surroundings.