Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

6. Gasadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark


Gasadalur is a tiny village located in the Mykines Island in the Faroe archipelago. Situated at the edge of a tall cliff and surrounded by top peaks of Mykines islands Gasadalur is definitely one of the beautiful villages on Earth. Because of remoteness, this village only has a population of 18. Even though the settlement of the village in the unique location overlooking the sea is just breathtaking.

Until the opening of the tunnel to the village in 2004, the resident of Gasadalur had to hike 200 meter high mountain to reach their houses. Today the 4.9 km long tunnel makes it easier to access the village and also open the door to tourism.

Unsurprisingly the income of the income of the inhabitants of Gasadalur predominantly relies on fishing. The unique settlement of the village also attracts the tourists from around the world.