Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

8. Marsaxlokk, Malta


Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village located in the Southeastern part of Malta. This village is famed for its fishing market and colorful boats bobbing on its harbor. These boats are named as ‘Luzzus’ and have great significance in the day to day life of the village. They also have a long history. The locals have been used Luzzus since 800 B.C.

You can see mythical eyes of Osiris painted on each Luzzus. Locals believed that the painted eyes of God can protect their boats from the evil.
Marsaxlokk is also a historically important village. The Tag-Silg hill of Marsaxlokk contain the remains of a megalithic temple. Many Bronze Age tools have been also found from this hill.

On all Sundays the Marsaxlokk fish market gets crowded. As Marsaxlokk a nice fishing village you can enjoy delicious seafood there. This village has a number of good restaurants and cafes.