Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

4. Bibury, England, U.K


Bibury is a charming village located on the bank of the river Coln in Gloucestershire County in England. Once famous English designer William Morris described Bibury as ‘The most beautiful village in England’. The 17th century stone cottages and beautiful Coln river flow through the village are the main attractions in Bibury. It is also the most photographed villages in England.

The stone cottages in this village is known as Arlington row cottages. These cottages were originally built back in the 13th century as a monastic wool store. In the 17th century, this wool store converted into Weaver’s cottages.

The Bibury trout farm founded back in 1902 is another major attraction in the village. The farm protects a numerous swans, kingfishers, ducks and geese. Every year around 10 million of rainbow trout also spawned in this farm. In addition to all these attractions the Bibury village has a peaceful and calm atmosphere.