Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

8. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, U.S


The 1077 acres Longwood gardens located in Pennsylvania of U.S displays 40 magnificent gardens and 4.5 acres of greenhouses. This enormous garden is home to 11000 different types of plants and trees. The 86 acre meadow garden is the most beautiful attraction in the Longwood gardens.

The well maintained walking trails in the Longwood gardens stretch over 3 miles. There are also a number of water resources in the garden. This botanical garden also protect many animals including deer, beavers, butterflies and birds.

The huge conservatory in this botanical garden houses 20 indoor gardens. This conservatory spread across a vast area of 4.5 acres. It protects 5500 different types of plants. You can see lots of beautiful flowers inside the conservatory including summer roses, ferns, bonsai, cacti, bromeliads and ferns.

The seasonal exhibitions and performing arts in Longwood gardens surely becomes an unforgettable experience for you. As the flowers are season specific each exhibition offers a different kind of experience for you. During summer season you can also enjoy fountain shows, music concert and firework displays.