25 Of The Best Toddler Crafts For Little Hands

15. Fossil Cookies

We’re pretty sure that every child, at some point in his/her young life, fantasizes about digging up dinosaur bones. We all secretly suspect there are some remains in our back yards, don’t we? Now you can relieve some tension with these fossil cookies from Martha Stewart, and eat them after. That way, you won’t be tempted to eat real fossils when you find them. You never know.
Photo by Simon Watson, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

16. Faux Stained Glass Window


All those stained glass windows in cathedrals ain’t got NOTHIN’ on this little project. All you need is a really fancy (not fancy works as well) plastic lid, and you’ll have your own stained glass window in no time. Hang it up and the admirers will come from all corners of the world to bask in the glory.