25 Of The Best Toddler Crafts For Little Hands

23. Acorn Cap Jewels

Make all the squirrels in the neighborhood jealous with your collection of luxurious acorn cap jewels from Paint Cut Paste! It’s super easy and fun, and all the forest creatures will probably call you their new ruler (note: this isn’t a guarantee).
Source: Paint Cut Paste

24. Colorful Apple Print Place Mats


Since apples are basically huge liars and eating one a day doesn’t really keep the doctor away, you may as well show them who’s boss by cutting them up and using them in your artwork. That’ll teach ‘em.
25. Homemade Goop

Have you ever played with this stuff before?! It’s also known as oobleck, and it’s sometimes a liquid and sometimes solid. Yeah, we don’t get it either but it will keep you mesmerized for HOURS. We kid you not.