Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries In The World 2017

3. Finland, CPI : 89



Finland is a parliamentary republic and the Prime Minister is the head of the government. The political leaders in Finland have a strong commitment against corruption. Finland government also maintains a much transparent mechanism and efficient integrity systems. The independent judiciary and strong legal framework also lower the chances of different forms of corruption in the country.

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. A peninsula with the Gulf of Finland to the south and the Gulf of Bothnia to the west, the country has land borders with Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east. Estonia is south of the country across the Gulf of Finland.

Finland is a Nordic country situated in the geographical region of Fennoscandia, which also includes Scandinavia. Finland’s population is 5.5 million, and the majority of the population is concentrated in the southern region. 88.7% of the population is Finnish people who speak Finnish, an Uralic language unrelated to Scandinavian languages; the second major group are the Finland-Swedes (5.3%). In terms of area, it is the eighth largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated country in the European Union.