Top 10 Greenest Cities Around The World

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands



Biking is an integral part of Amsterdam city for many decades. It is the most common mode of transportation in the city. This beautiful city has an infrastructure that mainly includes networks of canals and narrow streets. So the biking is the best mode of transportation to get around this city.

You can also see an extensive network of bicycle and pedestrian paths in Amsterdam. In fact the city has more bicycles than its population. You can also find electric cars on the streets of Amsterdam city. There are more than 300 recharge stations around the city.

The Amsterdam city government also started a special project called Amsterdam Smart City back in 2009. The main goal of this project is to reduce the carbon dioxide emission and save energy. For reaching this goal the authorities encourage recycling of wasters, solar panel installation, electrical car and bus services, more cycling routes and charging stations in ship ports.

The majority of residents in Amsterdam produce energy from solar panels and small-scale wind turbines. The most of households are also installed with energy efficient system to cut down the usage and save electrical energy.