10 Islands That Can Erupt At Any Time

After the Second World War, the world has developed a new international order, aimed at the peaceful settlement of international disputes. Despite the changes in some parts of the world still persist and are exacerbated territorial disputes have occurred in the world, threatening to escalate into armed conflicts and local wars.

Direct evidence of the unstable international situation are data islands scattered from the Antarctic to the north of Samoa. Often the cause of the ensuing debate are located on and around the precious resources, but sometimes conflicts, some of which are already more than a hundred years old are not permitted simply on principle. We found ten islands on the map, is the center of intense geopolitical relations between countries all over the world.

Hans Island
The territorial dispute: Canada and Denmark

For many years, Canada and Denmark could not share this small uninhabited island in the center of the Kennedy Channel. The dispute dates back to the 1980s years, when sailors of both countries were left on the island of bottles out of alcohol, noting thus, its territory. This period went down in history under the name «Bottle of war.»


Tension increased in the early 2000s, when the Danes established on the island of the flag of their country than insanely angry Canadians. In July 2005, the navy of Canada said that the flag is lowered, «the enemy» and set a flagpole with the Canadian maple leaf. In 2012, both sides have come to a truly Solomonic decision to divide the island into two equal parts.