Top 10 Greenest Cities Around The World

5. Curitiba, Brazil



The Curitiba city in Southern Brazil is known for its urban planning. The city has 12 acres of green space per 1000 inhabitants. The city has 400 square kilometers of green spaces in total. The vast green spaces in the city offers better biodiversity conditions and keep the surrounding calm and cool.

You can see missions of trees along the highways of Curitiba city. The popular botanical garden of Curitiba is also home to more than 350000 species of plants. There are strict environmental laws in Curitiba to protect its green spaces. The illegal logging and use of land containing local vegetation is strictly prevented in this city.

There is also an efficient transit system in Curitiba city. The majority of the population choose buses for making their trip. It limits the usage of private vehicles and emission of carbon dioxide. The pedestrian paths and cycling routes in the Curitiba city is also well maintained.