How To Make Beautiful Photos On Your Phone

Today, many people take pictures on your phone, simply because he is always at hand and do not need to specifically take with the camera.

But if you went on a trip and want to capture the variety of attractions and interesting moments of your journey, you want to photograph was beautiful. This is best suited lens reflex camera, but it is not cheap, weighs a lot, and takes a lot of space.

For these and other reasons, people continue to take photos on a smartphone, but pictures do not always turn out good. What to do to improve the quality of images to your phone photo obtained colorful and interesting.

Here are some tips from the original creator of several filters in Instagram, Cole Rise:

1. Learn about your phone’s features.


Not very important to you iPhone or smartphone on Android, you should better «acquainted» with him and his camera. Click on the «Settings» button and view all cameras options.

On each phone different options, but some are in each unit. For example, HDR — a feature that helps improve the picture quality by using different settings.

If you make several identical photographs but with different exposures, HDR then instantly connect all the options in one. As a result, you get a better picture: bright places will become brighter and dark — darker, and the little things that you did not notice, suddenly appear.