9 Residential Amazing Bridges In The World

4. Covered Bridge, Bulgaria

Covered Bridge, as you might guess — a covered bridge, located in the town of Lovech in Bulgaria. The bridge crosses the river Osam, connecting the coast of old and new town of Lovech, being its most recognizable symbol.

After the bridge was almost completely destroyed by a flood in 1872, the famous Bulgarian architect built a new wooden bridge. Above the bridge construction work throughout the city, from the poor, who have built it themselves, to the rich, who donated money and paid work. Building construction ended in 1874. Its original length has reached 84 meters, it was 64 6 gateways and store. However, it was completely destroyed by fire in 1925.

A more modern version of the bridge was built in 1931, and then again it was reconstructed in 1981-82. Currently, the bridge 106 extends meters and it has 15 stores.