20 Amazing Futuristic Technologies that will give you glimpse of our Lives In Next 30 Years

The world is advancing every day, inventing and discovering things that change how we live and perceive the world around us. Without those advances we couldn’t have come this far and won’t be able to go further into the future. Scientists, researchers, developers and designers all over the world strive to bring life to new things that can make life easier and interesting for us. We have selected some such fabulous futuristic technologies that are absolutely mind-blowing and are set to take the world to a whole new level.

1. Bio Refrigerators
A Russian designer has proposed a concept Refrigerator called “Bio Robot Refrigerator” that cools your food with biopolymer gel. There are no shelves, compartments or doors – You just insert your food into the gel.


The refrigerator concept designed as an entry for Electrolux Design Lab competition by Yuriy Dmitriev utilizes only 8% of a household’s energy for the control pad and none for the actual refrigeration. The biopolymer gel in it uses light generated at cold temperatures to preserve the food and does not require a motor to do it. The gel has neither odor nor is sticky to touch. The refrigerator can be mounted on a wall, can be oriented in whichever direction and can also be fixed on the ceiling.